As part of the world's largest environmental services organisation, we understand that sustainability must be central to all their activities. As a service provider, we also understand that each community has a unique set of local needs that must be considered.

VT are committed to work in partnership with Governments, their communities and others to deliver safe, long term innovative solutions to encourage use of public transport. Every bus journey taken by their passengers reduces road congestion and subsequent environmental impacts. We are also committed to reducing our own impacts on the environment.

View a summary of Australasia's Sustainable Development Strategy.

VT have been an active supporter of community life in the regions in which it operates and throughout Western Australia through a range of partnerships and sponsorships.

Example: Making a Difference in WA

VT have taken a lead role in the Making a Difference in WA program that aims to improve the lives and educational opportunities for Aboriginal boys between the ages of eight and 12.

VT have funded the Educational Assistance for Aboriginal Children component of the Aboriginal Alcohol and Drug Service's Five Families Program. VT’s $200,000 commitment provides five young Aboriginal boys with extra tuition, additional teacher assistance, mentoring, intervention therapies, a homework tutor three times a week, holiday sport camps and support for parents.

In association with the Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Centre, Veolia Transport supports a program to develop literacy skills of at-risk children in Western Australia. The Kooda Kwob Koolaangka (Happy Children) will see a mobile library travel around the State to visit children from families who misuse alcohol and drugs. Veolia Transport contributed approximately $60,000 to establish a mobile library that aims to generate positive education outcomes for at-risk children.

Radio Lollipop is a volunteer-run charity that provides care, comfort, play and entertainment to children in Princess Margaret Hospital. VT supports Radio Lollipop with an annual uniform free day for drivers. In 2009, their drivers raised $6,082 for Radio Lollipop. Driver Doug Berdin, from VT’s Fremantle depot, was the best dressed.

Through a new initiative, VT employees can elect to make a regular donation to particular charities from their pre-tax pay and VT matches the donation amount. The Veolia Spirit program increases the impact of employee donations and allows charities to plan activities around a regular income stream. The charities benefiting from the Veolia Spirit program were identified through an employee survey.

At VT, the fleet includes a number of natural gas powered Mercedes Benz OC500LE, the very latest in environmentally friendly buses. Our Environmental Management Systems have been accredited to ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems.

Through our partnership with Carbon Neutral, we offset some of the environmental impact of their operations. We pay a fee to Carbon Neutral to plant trees to offset the carbon emissions generated by their fleet of company cars. Carbon Neutral is a not-for-profit organisation that has planted more than 1.5 million trees in Australia since beginning operations in 2001.